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Helping Hong Kong Wellness Businesses Survive Covid-19

Spa & Wellness businesses throughout Hong Kong, like every other business, are under massive pressure and I would like to do my bit to help by offering some of my time for free.


If you are trying to weather the storm while operating on thin margins, reduced staff hours, lower costs while considering possible redundancies and branch closures? I might be able to help?


It is in everyone’s interest to do what we can (if we can) to help our community of businesses navigate the current situation, but to be equally ready for the bounce back and recovery when it comes (and it will come).


So I am doing the only thing I know how. I would like to offer my experience and expertise for free (yes, you read that right) to any company in Hong Kong that feel that they would benefit from receiving my support over the next few months.


There are no catches here – I just want to help in these turbulent times.  It’s just straightforward support and guidance.

  1. Provide objective and constructive input on how to currently operate your business during this period.
  2. Provide planning guidance to navigate through operational and business scenarios. 
  3. Advise on strategies to implement as you look forward to when your business stabilises.
  4. To provide an objective opinion on activities and initiatives. 
  1. Contact me to schedule a call.
  2. During the call its important that we establish an understanding of the needs and potential support that I can provide during this time. 
  3. If by mutual agreement, meaningful value can be achieved, Regular scheduled calls and meetings will be held with key stakeholders over an agreed period of time.
  4. Please note that I can only provide very limited onsite and remote support and guidance. This should not be seen in any way, as an offer to provide any form of permanent services. That would otherwise need to be conducted by a permanently contracted/ employed person.