• First Cosmeceutical range ever devised and designed exclusively for men’s skin.
  • Uses only powerful, natural, active ingredients including a carefully selected combination of peptide and amino acids, bio available nutrients and intelligent proteins.
  • Free from synthetic materials and harmful chemical additives such as: Parabens, Petroleum Derivatives, Artificial colors, Animal Extracts, Synthetic Perfumes, TEA’s/ DEA’s, Harmful Chemical Additives, Sodium Lauryl/ Laureth.




Primary Functions:

An effective anti-oxidant serum, brightens and targets unwanted pigmentation. Advanced formula helps to improve complexion’s overall radiance and reduce the early signs of premature aging by improving the skin’s microcirculation.


Key Ingredients:

Soluble Provit - An intelligent complex of Horse Chestnut extract, Omega-3 and - 6, and Vitamins A, E, H (Biotin) and B5 work together to provide the skin with intense moisture, anti-oxidants, nutrition and energy for its cells.


Hidroviton+ - A blend of molecules that penetrates the skin and restores its natural moisture. Offers short term hydration and longer term increases the skin’s own capacity to retain water.

Brightening Serum 30ml

  • Please note that our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. 

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