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THIA 60 | 90
Weekday Package

Imagine indulging in a luxurious spa treatment every day for a week - sounds amazing, doesn't it? 💝 


Introducing our THIA Week Day treatment packages, enjoy a soothing 60 or 90-minute #spa bliss every day:


Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm. 🌟


We offer two options: 😌

💆 THIA 60 (5 Days) for HK$1,488

💆‍♂️ THIA 90 (5 Days) for HK$1,788


With THIA 60, you'll receive up to 5 x 60-minute treatment sessions, while THIA 90 offers up to 5 x 90-minute treatment sessions, with a maximum of 1 treatment per day💫. You are not obligated to have a treatment every day.


Our #Spa Treatments include Bespoke Full Body #Massage, Bespoke Spa #Facials by Lapidem or Aeos, Lower Leg & Foot Massage, and Head & Shoulder Massage. 


And for an extra luxurious touch, upgrade your package with:

  • Aqua Peel treatment (45min) for only $250 per session

  • RF Treatment (10min- Eye Area) for $100

  • RF Treatment (20min- Full Face) for $200. ✨


Want to extend your spa journey? Simply multiply the package price by the number of weeks you desire (e.g. 2 weeks of THIA 60 = 2 x 1,488 = $2,976).


Don't miss out as we are limiting the number of packages available per week


Book your THIA 60 or THIA 90 package now and immerse yourself in pure #relaxation. 


Available from May 22nd to June 30th.

Terms and conditions apply.  (Read Here)

Enquiries and Reservations are to be made via WhatsApp

#BookNow 💬 WhatsApp: 

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