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Seasons of Change

Effective skincare changes with your surroundings — transition into autumn with this nourishing ritual.

As summer’s heat and humidity are replaced with crisp, cooler days, it makes sense that our skin-care regimes transition alongside our weather-appropriate wardrobes. Particularly if summer was spent outdoors, skin exposed to sun, sand, and sea requires extra nourishment in preparation for the drier months ahead. The best way to assess is by getting familiar with your complexion and observing how its condition alters with the weather.

Cleanse Gentle

Cleanser is a good place to start as the needs of your skin change. In the summer, a clarifying product achieves a deep clean to tackle sweat and chlorine while balancing PH levels. In autumn, the focus will likely shift to hydration. Swapping out a foaming cleanser for a gentle, nourishing cleansing balm, for example, might be a way to preserve your skin’s natural oils.

Scrub Away Summer

Reverse summer-induced damage with gentle exfoliation, as skin renewal slows in cooler weather. Vinoble’s enzyme scrub makes skin more receptive to active ingredients applied afterwards, banishing dullness skin to reveal a fresh layer beneath, giving you a clean slate to work with. Be mindful not to overdo it though, as over-exfoliation can create tiny cracks in the skin barrier leading to loss of hydration, and potential inflammation.

Opt for Richer Formulas

Whereas scorching weather calls for lightweight moisturiser, introducing richer products in the autumn can ease potential tightness or dryness. The hydrating cream by Vinoble contains active ingredients for lasting moisture, and glowing skin that is protected against free radicals. Look out for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to replenish skin. Take the same approach with your body lotions, which may be replaced with a body butter for extra suppleness.

SPF Remains Unchanged As the strength of the sun’s rays remain consistent year round, SPF is a non-negotiable every day, with factor 50 recommended when outdoors. Damage can occur anytime, anywhere, and even in overcast weather, increasing the risk of skin cancer as well as accelerating ageing. And don’t forget the lips as they also require sun protection to avoid pigmentation and chapping. Use an occlusive balm with oils to lock in moisture.

Bonus Points

For skin that needs more TLC, adding a serum for extra hydration while stimulating healthy cell renewal and collagen production will ensure your glow lasts well into autumn. Additionally, applying a weekly mask can increase dewiness, with sheet masks soaked in hyaluronic acid a popular choice for a quick hydration boost. In severely dry climates, investing in a dehumidifier can help combat the effects of heating to keep flaking, cracking and peeling at bay.

Looking after yourself goes beyond beauty products. Complement a balanced diet by drinking plenty of water to boost overall hydration, for a smoother, more supple complexion. Start from the inside for beauty that’s more than skin deep.

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