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Sleep Kneads Fast track to Slumber with Massage!

Sleep hygiene has received plenty of air time lately, recognised as an essential component of

well-being. A good night’s rest boosts cognitive function, regulates emotion, maintains a healthy weight, enhances mood, and supports our immune system. The stress of modern living coupled with the stimulation of screen time, and reliance on caffeine and sugar to get us through the day, can make it challenging to wind down in the evening.

To break the cycle of being in constant ‘flight or fight’ mode, a survival technique only necessary when facing a real threat as opposed to anxiety, achieving a state of ‘rest and digest’ will make it easier to achieve quality sleep. Massage has been found to be an effective means of inducing relaxation, with studies indicating that touch can lower activity in areas of the brain associated with tension.

The slow, sweeping motions of a massage switch off the stress response by inviting the body into deeper relaxation. The more often you are able to have massages, the more regularly the body will be able to relax at other times. Ideally, this would be booked close to bedtime so you can slip into slumber with the calming aroma of essential oils still on your skin.

Best massage types for sleep

Deep Tissue Massage

Best scheduled earlier in the day rather than immediately before bed, a deep-tissue massage uses gradually intensifying pressure to reach the deeper layers of the muscle. Some find strong pressure to be energising rather than relaxing and may remain awake throughout, though the easing of tension will be experienced later on in time for bed by increasing blood flow to encourage the body’s natural healing.

Relaxing Massage

Any massage designed to induce relaxation will aim to reduce tightness with long strokes to calm the nervous system. Paired with dimmed lights and serene music, you’ll feel a release of pent-up stress to prepare yourself for a night of restful slumber.