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Winter Skin Ritual

Cold, dry weather requires richer, more nourishing products for a balanced complexion.

Chillier days call for long hot showers and time spent in front of a heater, both of which wreak havoc on our skin. You know the feeling — tightness, rough knees and elbows, flaky chapped lips….Staying hydrated is the first step towards retaining the suppleness we typically associate with warmer weather. Follow our tips to recreate that sought-after smoothness.

Cleanse Gentle

Skin tightness after cleansing can indicate a disrupted skin barrier, whereas the goal is for a calm and hydrated feeling post-cleanse to retain moisture. The aim is not to feel as if you have to reach for moisturizer immediately after, which is why cream formulas are ideal.

Stay Buff

Light exfoliation helps remove dry skin. A mild glycolic or lactic acid can be used in place of a cleanser a few times each week. For very dry skin, a wet washcloth is a gentler option. Don’t forget your body either — dry brushing removes dead skin while stimulating the lymphatic system to support detoxification.

Bring in Back-Up

Combat heater-induced dryness with a humidifier which will add moisture back into the air and prevent drying out the complexion. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a humidifier setting of 60 percent in winter can replenish moisture in the top layer of your skin.

Add Occlusives to your Routine

Occlusives such as shea butter, cocoa butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and petroleum jelly-based products like Vaseline and Aquaphor provide a physical barrier to lock in moisture. They ramp up hydration and can be worked into your routine following your usual moisturiser.

Protect your Hands Hands are often the first place to show signs of aging if neglected, appearing dry, lined, and cracked. While frequent washing effectively keeps germs at bay, remember to slather with a rich hand cream afterward.

Beautiful Inside and Out Introducing healthy fats such as avocado help maintain supple skin and are essential for preventing the face, hands, and hair from drying out. Taking omega 3, 6, and 9 supplements to maintain a healthy cell membrane, which in turn supports a softer complexion, and can even improve eczema.

Layer on Moisture at Bedtime Use bath time to indulge in extra self-care with a hydrating or anti-aging mask, like Vinoble Cosmetics’ Pro Youth Lifting Mask. The soft, elastic fleece is soaked with a concentrated cocktail of active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, vitamin E, and oat kernel extract, which are rich in omega fatty acids for a lifting, smoother and firmer appearance. To use, simply remove from the sachet and unfold, attach an ear band behind one ear, and stretch around the chin and neck, before attaching it to the other ear. Press out any air bubbles and ensure precise positioning of the mask. Leave on for 20 minutes and gently massage the residual product into the skin.

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